Am I helping those I care about or causing more trouble? If it is the latter, I’m sorry.

When someone is hurting, why do I look at myself and say “what about me”? When a car wreck happens, why do I look at it and say “Thank God it’s not me”? When a friend has a problem, why do I say “call me”? When someone is leaving, why do I say, “what will I do without you”? When do I get to the point where everything is truly NOT about me. While I may be affected by the things, it’s not about me. Hmmm.


a person who knows me:)
Get out There!!!
It is an amzing day…so beautiful outside! I am awed at what a great place we live in. But, I’m partial to sunny warm days. Get out there…thake a wallk,a bike ride, chase your friends around the yard. Do SOMETHING! Don’t let another fabulous day pass you by!


Islam, islam does not discriminate anyone:)

16 October

Place of residence:
40th street avenue 30:D

scouting, first aid move, badminton, playing music etc

Main Organization :
- PMR SMP Negeri 8 Yogyakarta
- Teladan Junior Red Crecent
- Kontingen Jumbara Daerah IX
- SCOUT TELADAN 2009-2010

General record :
- Patangpuluhan kindergaten school
- Muhammadiyah wirobrajan 3 elementary school( the teacher was very awful! )
- Keputran II elementary school
- 8 junior high school
- 1 senior high school
- International Relations, Social and political Sciences, Gadjah Mada University


1. M Rais Alfiansyah Taufik
2. Ihsan Yudhitama
3. Firman Indra Andika
4. Novianita Widya Anggraeni
5. Rachmita Dewi
6. Lia Pawestri
7. Risma Dini Rahmadani

Idols in life:
dad and mom

Life philosophy:
everyday could be the last

Place you would like to go:
actually I have been in every place I want, but "holiday trip" with friends would be very nice.

What makes you laugh:
Good jokes... and bad ones too..

Worst nightmare on stage:
I usually don't sleep on stage, so no nightmares

Worst nightmare in general:
I usually don't sleep, so no nightmares =)

Favorite band/musician:

Favorite book:
all Dan Browns

Favorite drink:
fresh water

Favorite food:
meals that my mother cooked it , or latter my wife cooked it for me:)

Favorite animal:

Favorite movie:
I just wached movie called "lord of the rings" and really liked it..

Favorite TV show:
news at 10 o´clock

Dumbest question you have ever been asked:
there are no stupid questions...

I want to be... :
- a soldier for the faith and the nations
- Ambassador
- mayor merchant manager
- he2, nek g bisa yo pengangguran kaya wae lah:P
- could speak well english, indonesia ,French and china